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We're Turning 2!

First off, we owe a HUGE thank you to our clients, partner vendors, friends, and family for helping us make it through the last 2 years. In only 2 years we have become the largest and highest rated photo booth company in San Diego!

In 2014 we increased market share in San Diego and expanded into Orange County and Long Beach gaining moderate market share and bring our annual sales to 650 rentals a year. To celebrate our success in 2014 we will be increasing our Open Air photo booth rental capacity by 20% and will add an additional 30% in the next 6 months. In addition, we will be adding Instagram social media sharing capabilities to their social media service offering.

As we enter 2015 we are focused on increasing market share in Orange County, Long Beach, and San Diego and are setting our sights on the Los Angeles market. Our photo booth rental goal for 2015 is 1,000 rentals and our track record thus far points to us exceeding this milestone. We expect our largest share increase to come from Orange County photo booth rentals and expanding our corporate instant print photography service. As a continued effort to practice corporate social responsibility, we will also be increasing rental donations.

As many of you already know, everything we do is based around the client and users experience and we will continue to keep that the core principle of our company.

Our most popular service in 2014 was the Open Air Photo Booth option. The open air photo booth is a unique approach to the photo booth and gives our clients and their guests a unique experience. The open air photo booth allows up to 15 people in a photo, gives the clients the ability to customize their backdrops, and builds more hype than a traditional booth. Throughout 2015 we will be focused on expanding the Open Air photo booth division.

The service offering expansion in 2015 will most notable include our most popular add on service, the Social Media Station. The social media station allows guests to email, share photos on Facebook, Twitter, and newly added this week, Instagram. Social media sharing capabilities are almost instant, allowing for real time marketing opportunities. Corporate photo booth renters are especially vested in this service as it allows increase exposure via social media outlets. The social media service starts at only $50 and full integration is $200.

For mor information, please contact us at:

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