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What's Next for Photo Booths after the Wedding Boom

It is not a secret that after COVID there is a lot of pent up demand for weddings. The later half of 2021 and all of 2022 was and is the largest wedding boom in the last 50 years. Most reporting speculate that couples getting married the 18 months following the pandemic was up by close to 25% from 2019. Couples postponed their big day due to restriction and the looming threat of COVID. Most brides we have talked to postponed 6-18 months from their original date. This means that there is a year or more of demand which has been backlogged. As a result, vendors such as photo booth rental companies have been enjoying the rewards of the boom. But, what happens when the demand start to slow again?

Here at Pixster, we have been game planning for the boom and the end of the boom since early 2021. We anticipate an increase in demand and limited dat availability through spring 2023. With the economy on the verge of a recession, things are subject to change but we are fairly confident weddings will not be impacted until mid-late 2023. Until that time, the market will remain competitive for consumers.

This photo was taken with one of our new photo booths
New Photo Booth

At the beginning of 2022, Pixster decided to make strategic investments into inventory, labor and marketing to ensure we could meet the needs of the demand surge. In Houston and Austin we invested in 15 new photo booths, doubling our capacity. This expansion ensured that we not only met the increase in business but also refreshed our inventory. When that business goes away, older models will be retired and our fleet of booths will be the newest and best in Texas. Company-wide, we built 42 new photo booths with the intention of phasing out old inventory after the boom.

In summary, we are experiencing the most demand for photo booth rentals in history. This demand will fade at some point but when it does, Pixster will be positioned as the dominant rental company in Texas and the US. Houston, Austin and Dallas will look to us for their rental needs not only because of the service we provide but also the quality that our new booths are able to provide.

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