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Description - Pixster photo staging activation of the "Big Fish" for Mammoth Lakes Tourism at travel and adventure conventions all over California. Convention goers were able to reel in the big one while capturing the action on camera.  The photo stage consisted of a 6' trout head and 12' fishing pole.  Users were able to instantly email and share their photos on social media using #NoSmallAdventure.

Location - San Jose (2 day), 

Long Beach (3 day), San Diego (3 day)


  • Total Users: 4279

  • Emails Captured: 1653

  • Facebook Users: 77

  • Instagram Users: 19

  • Twitter Users: 8

  • Total Social Reach: 51,925

Corporate Photo Booth Rental

Facebook Photo Booth

Corporate Photo Booth

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Photo Booth Rental

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