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Digital Sharing Station 

Offer Users More... Get Social!

Using our advanced sharing program your guests will be able to instantly email photos to themselves. Guest are able to download and share instantly on major social media sites right from their phone. All of our photo booths are equipped with 5G mobile hotspots, so no internet is required!

Social Media Photo Activation
  • Instagram for photo booths
  • TikTok Photo Booth
  • Photo Booth Rental Facebook
  • Twitter Photo Booth
Technology Built In!
5g capabilities
ios compatible

All of our photo booths are equipped with the latest 5G iOS devices. Increase your Internet availability and ensure maximum uptime with business continuity features like failover/failback standard. All of our devices use Verizon's 5G network and help to ensure internet availability for maximum social media sharing.  

Usage On Average

*Based on estimated corporate event averages

photo sessions

52 sessions/hour

photo booth users

146 Users/hour

Email Photos
social media sending
Social Media Reach

63 Email Sends/hour

17 Social Shares/hour

4429 Reach/hour

Enhanced Branding
Enhanced Branding
Custom email sending
  • Customized auto-respond email with user's photos or videos attached.
  • Email optimization for mobile device and desktop.
  • Use of graphics, hyperlinks, mentions and more.
  • Three rounds of revisions ensure you get exactly what you want.
Data Capture
Data Capture
  • .csv file of user data captured throughout the event including:
    • Total photo sessions
    • Photos taken
    • Total usership
    • Emails collected
    • Estimate social reach
  • Optional privacy disclaimer for users
Data Capture
Digital Watermark and Overlays

We offer a range of options when it comes to watermarking and overlaying your branding. You can keep it simple with just one logo or monogram, or you can get creative and add a full scale overlay. With endless possibilities, watermarking and overlaying is an invaluable marketing tool that can help boost your brand recognition and make your event truly memorable.

By creating a consistent and cohesive brand and event experience across all your digital content, we will help you not only provide a more professional appearance, but you also ensure that your brand remains top-of-mind for users who interact with your content. So whether it's a wedding, corporate event, or any other special occasion, make sure that your digital content is properly branded and watermarked for maximum impact.

Brand photo activation
Brand activation photo booth

Photo Booth Brand Activation

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