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Decal Branding

Open-Air and Enclosed

The easiest and most economical option, decal branding let's you customize our photo booth without breaking the bank.  Unlike a full wrap, decal branding still shows off the natural wood grains of the booth while presenting a cohesive brand statement. We use 7 unique decals of varying sizes which are fully customizable.

Price Includes:

  • Printing

  • Cutting

  • Application

  • Removal

*Additional cost if design work is needed.

Specs Needed (Open Air):

Print ready files in a vectored format in the sizes below:

  • Bottom Front: 15.5"w x 24"h

  • Bottom Back: 15.5"w X 11"h

  • Bottom Sides (2pc): 17.75"w x 16"h

  • Top Back: 13.5"w X 9"h

  • Top Sides (2pc): 10.5"w x 19.5"h

Die-cut branded photo booth
Block-cut branded photo booth
Fully Branded New Open Air Booth Example (1)

(Starting at $800)

360 Video Stage Platform Decal

(Starting at $400)

Elevate your experience with this immersive branding option. The custom Video Stage Platform Decal will be custom tailored to whatever size stage you have reserved. 


Specifications for the creative file vary based on stage size. Acceptable file formats include .AI, .PSD, .PDF, or .EPS.

branded photo booth

Corporate Photo Booth

Photo Booth

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